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Le Mélo Dieux
Le Mélo Dieux
Le Mélo Dieux
Le Mélo Dieux
Le Mélo Dieux

Le Mélo Dieux

Fromagerie La Vache à Maillotte



M.F. : 27% Moisture : 54%

This soft, bloomy-rind cheese is made from pasteurized milk using artisanal methods. The square wheel is ripened for 30 days and features a uniform white and fluffy rind. The butter-yellow interior is lightly dotted with small holes and has a creamy, smooth texture. This Brie cheese has a mild aroma of cream and mushrooms, and its rich taste of cream is muted by the rind’s mushroomy flavour.

This cheese’s name, Le Mélo Dieux, which translates to “the melodious one,” is a play on words evoking a melody worthy of the gods (dieux)—a perfect description for this cheese’s mild, charming flavour!

Le Mélo Dieux is available from the cheese maker, in grocery stores and specialty cheese shops as well as in some supermarkets.


Aromatic and mellow

These dry wines are characterized by fairly strong aromas of spice, toast or exotic fruit. In the mouth, they carry a rich and well-balanced texture.

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