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Fromagerie Fritz Kaiser



M.F. : 26% Moisture : 45%

This firm, washed and brushed rind cheese is made with pasteurized partially skimmed milk. The rind has a pink and copper colour and is quite firm, just like the interior of the cheese. The aroma is that of nuts, fruit and straw. Varying in colour from light beige to yellow, the cheese is not very supple and a little bit crumbly. Miranda’s salty taste also reveals hints of spice, along with nut, almond and fresh butter.

Miranda is the name of an old seigneurie near Noyan, the town where the cheese maker is located.

Miranda is available from the cheese maker, in specialized cheese shops and grocery stores and in some supermarkets.

Awards and distinctions

2015 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix finalist in the Swiss-type Cheese category. Silver medal in its class at the 2012 World Cheese Awards, as well as first prize in its class at the 2008 British Empire Cheese Show and 2006 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix.


Aromatic and mellow

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Aromatic and supple

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