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Notre-Dame Camembert
Notre-Dame Camembert

Notre-Dame Camembert

Fromagerie de St-Hyacinthe - Agropur



M.F. : 28% Moisture : 50%

This soft cheese with a bloomy rind is made of pasteurized milk and cream. European-style double cream Camembert with a rather chalky texture when too young that becomes creamy at maturity. Features a milky, nutty, mushroomy flavour sure to please connoisseurs.

Of the 113 stained glass windows at Notre Dame in Paris, there is one depicting a feast. And there, in a corner, is a wedge - a bit of fine cheese, they say, that has been honoured in a special way forever. It's a tribute to the refined French palates of the time and a sacred tradition that has been carried over to the New World. Enjoy the soft, creamy taste of our Notre Dame Brie and Camembert-a delicious homage to the great cathedral of Paris and the artists who captured its mysteries.

Notre-Dame Camembert is available at the cheese maker, grocery stores and most supermarkets.


Aromatic and mellow

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