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Perron Nordic Organic Cheddar
Perron Nordic Organic Cheddar
Perron Nordic Organic Cheddar
Perron Nordic Organic Cheddar

Perron Nordic Organic Cheddar

Fromagerie Perron



M.F. : 34% Moisture : 39%

This firm organic cheese is made from thermalized AgroBoréal-certified whole milk.

In April 2017, Fromagerie Perron was pleased to officially launch three new organic Nordic cheddar cheeses that are sure to delight every cheese lover:

Perron Organic Nordic Cheddar 2 Years
This crumbly pressed cheese is made from unpasteurized organic Nordic milk. Its buttery colour and creamy texture offer notes of hazelnut that gradually intensify in the mouth.

Perron Organic Nordic Cheddar Aged in 10-Year-Old Port
Perron Port Cheddar is macerated in 10-year-old port, which is also used in its surface ripening. The combination of the hazelnut notes of cheddar with the fruity and sweet ones of port makes this an exceptional cheese.

Perron Organic Nordic Cheddar Aged in Black Beer
The pairing of Fromagerie Perron and La Voie Maltée microbrewery enabled the creation of a unique, beer-macerated cheddar: Perron Cheddar with La Criminelle black beer. The cheese marries the refined taste of Perron Cheddar with the beer’s flavours of chocolate, vanilla and coffee, resulting in a delectable-tasting cheese rich in malted notes.

“As with all Perron cheeses, these are the delicious results of our cheese makers’ expertise, which have showcased the quality and unique taste of Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean milk for more than 125 years. What’s more, the cheeses are made with milk from 18 certified organic farms. This ensures that high standards of animal welfare are respected as well as the use of feed and grain that are free from fertilizers, chemical pesticides and GMOs,” states Mr. Marc Landry, CEO of Fromagerie Perron.

AgroBoréal Certification
These new cheeses also display the AgroBoréal certification seal. The certification assures that the milk comes from farms north of the 48th parallel and that the feed, which constitutes the base of the cows’ diet, is also sourced from the same Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean region. The geographic isolation of the area, climatic conditions that favour the growth of high-quality feed and its low urban density all support natural as well as organic crops.

These varieties of Perron Organic Nordic Cheddar can be found at independent food stores throughout the province, including Adonis, Avril, Supermarché PA, TAU Foods, Le Jardin Mobile, Pasquier, Valmont, Jardin du mont, Le Végétarien and La Moisson.

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