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Raclette de Compton

Raclette de Compton

Fromagerie La Station



M.F. : 28% Moisture : 45%

This semi-soft, washed rind, organic farm cheese is aged for 60 to 90 days. It was previously made with raw milk, but is now made with thermized milk drawn from Holstein cows on the family farm. Under its copper-coloured rind, the Raclette de Compton (plain) has a golden, ivory colour, a smooth, melt-in-your-mouth texture and fruit and butter aromas.

Raclette de Compton with pepper
This cheese is also available in a pepper variety, which gives it a more pronounced flavour. Pink peppercorns are embedded in the middle of the cheese. Heat releases their flavour.

The name Raclette de Compton is a tribute to the small town of Compton in the Estrie region, in the heart of the fertile farmland where the Fromagerie La Station was founded. The Fromagerie La Station is the result of four generations of work by passionate farmers.

Both varieties are available from the cheese maker, at specialty grocery stores and cheese shops as well as from some supermarkets.

Awards and distinctions

Raclette de Compton with pepper : 2016 Canadian Cheese Awards finalist and 2015 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix finalist in the Flavoured Cheese with Added Particulate Solids and Flavourings category. Best Flavoured Cheese at the 2014 Canadian Cheese Awards, award winner at the 2012 Sélection Caseus and winner at the 2013 and 2009 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix in the Flavoured Cheese category.


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