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Fritz Raclette
Fritz Raclette
Fritz Raclette
Fritz Raclette

Fritz Raclette

Fromagerie Fritz Kaiser



M.F. : 24% Moisture : 48%

This washed-rind semi-soft cheese is made with pasteurized milk. Under its dark straw-coloured rind, which is ripened for over 9 weeks, you’ll find a soft and smooth cream-coloured interior. It has a strong lactic aroma and a marked flavour of hazelnut and mushroom with notes of milk and butter.

Originally from Switzerland, Fritz Kaiser brought with him the secret of raclette cheese. The Fritz Kaiser cheese maker produces several varieties of it:

Fritz Raclette

Fritz Pepper Raclette
Nutty aroma combines nicely with the marked spicy and fruit flavour.

Fritz Garlic Raclette
Nutty aroma paired nicely with the pronounced flavour of roasted garlic.

Also check out Fritz Smoked Raclette and Fritz Griffon Raclette rind-washed with beer.

Fritz Raclette is available from the cheese maker, in specialty grocery stores and cheese shops, as well as in most supermarkets.

Awards and distinctions

Fritz Raclette
2015 and 2012 World Cheese Awards Silver medal winner, in the Rind Washed Cheese class (cheese not in other classes).
2015 British Empire Cheese Show 1st prize winner, Smear Ripened class.
2015 and 2004 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix winner in the Washed- or Mixed-rind Semi-soft Cheese class.

Fritz Pepper Raclette
2015 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix winner, Flavoured Cheese with Added Particulate Solids and Flavourings class.


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