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St-Bernard Raclette
St-Bernard Raclette

St-Bernard Raclette

Fromagerie Fritz Kaiser



M.F. : 24% Moisture : 48%

Ripened for more than 2 months, this semi-soft cheese with a washed rind is made from partially skim milk. Underneath its slightly bloomy and humid rind, a buttery yellow interior is dotted with small, irregular holes. This soft, smoothly textured cheese reveals a pronounced lactic aroma joined by a buttery taste with notes of hazelnut and mushroom. 

Just like the reassuring feeling inspired by a loveable St. Bernard, a mountain dog famous for its rescuing of stranded people, Raclette St-Bernard is wonderfully comforting!

St-Bernard Raclette is available in specialty cheese shops and in IGA food markets.

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