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ANCO Ricotta
ANCO Ricotta

ANCO Ricotta

Fromagerie de St-Damase Damafro - Agropur



M.F. : 15% Moisture : 74%

This fresh cheese is made according to the traditional recipe of pasteurized whey and cream. This ricotta that has a smooth and rich texture provides an excellent choice for cooking.

Also available in a lighter version.  

ANCO Ricotta
M.F.: 15% Moisture: 74% 

ANCO Light Ricotta
M.F.: 7% Moisture: 80%

ANCO Ricotta is available from the cheese maker and most supermarkets.


Delicate and light

These dry and often delicate wines are unique for their pale colour, simple fruit aromas and fresh, crisp quality that arises from their acidity.

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