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Riviera Aged Cheddar
Riviera Aged Cheddar
Riviera Aged Cheddar
Riviera Aged Cheddar

Riviera Aged Cheddar

Laiterie Chalifoux



M.F. : 33% Moisture : 37%

This firm, rindless, lactose-free cheese is made entirely from milk that comes from farms in the Sorel-Tracy region and contains no modified milk ingredients.

Riviera Medium Cheddar
This medium cheddar made from pasteurized milk is aged for about 6 months and has a nutty flavour with a hint of cream. To be eaten plain, as a snack or for lunch. As it’s a bit stronger than the mild cheddar, it marries particularly well with stronger dishes.

Riviera Aged Cheddar
The thermized milk Cheddar aged one or two years has small swirls of grainy texture and tiny salt crystals. With its delectable creamy texture and nutty flavour, it’s delicious as a second course at a wine and cheese tasting. Available in blocks or grated, Riviera Aged Cheddar is also a good choice for a snack, lunch or any dish that requires a more pronounced flavour.

Sorel residents have enjoyed Chalifoux cheeses for 90 years. The know-how of four generations of Chalifoux is behind these delicious, meticulously aged cheddar cheeses.

This cheese is available from the cheese maker and in most supermarkets in the Montérégie, the greater Montreal and Quebec City.

Awards and distinctions

Riviera Medium Cheddar: finalist at the 2014 Sélection CASEUS in the best all-around Cheddar cheese category. Aged Cheddar (2 years): first place at the 2008 Sélection CASEUS contest and recipient of two awards in the interior-ripened cheese and medium, strong and extra-strong cheese categories.


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