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Riviera Organic Cheddar
Riviera Organic Cheddar

Riviera Organic Cheddar

Laiterie Chalifoux



M.F. : 31% Moisture : 39%

This lactose free firm rindless cheese has a shiny surface and is made of pasteurized organic milk that comes mainly from farms in the Montérégie area.

M.F. 31%, moisture 39%

The organic mild cheddar cheese has a light acidulous, butter and cream flavor. This blend of flavors is intense, fresh and tender, making cheddar cheese always good as a snack and for all occasion.

M.F. 33%, moisture 37%

Aged approximately 6 months, the organic medium cheddar cheese has a nutty and creamy flavor. Spicier than mild cheddar, this cheese fits well with seasoned meals and for all occasion.

Enhance the flavour of your favourite recipes with Riviera’s new line of organic cheeses. Made from organic Canadian milk, these fine cheeses are all natural. Their manufacturing processes give them a unique texture and savour. True dairy delights that you’ll enjoy with every bite!

The Riviera Organic Mild Cheddar is sold in a 630 g size and exclusively in Costco stores, and also available at Laiterie Chalifoux.

The Riviera Organic Medium Cheddar is available at the Laiterie Chalifoux and in grocery stores in a 200 g size.


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