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Saumuré Lemaire
Saumuré Lemaire
Saumuré Lemaire
Saumuré Lemaire

Saumuré Lemaire

Fromagerie Lemaire



M.F. : 29% Moisture : 46%

Made from pasteurized milk, Saumuré Lemaire is a firm, rindless, unripened cheese. Sold in jars of cubes, the cheese itself is unsalted but becomes salted when immersed in brine. It has a supple texture.
(M.F.: 29%, moisture: 46%)

Tortillon Lemaire is another cheese made from pasteurized milk and submerged in brine. The stringy sticks of cheese have a mild, salty, milky taste. When the cheese has been steeped for a long time, it crumbles when eaten.
(M.F.: 25%, moisture: 44%)

These salty cheeses are delicious with beer. If desired, they can be desalted by running water over them.

These cheeses are available at the cheese maker’s two outlets in Saint-Cyrille and Saint-Germain, as well as in convenience stores and grocery stores in the Drummondville and Trois-Rivières regions.


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