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St-Guillaume Aged Cheddar
St-Guillaume Aged Cheddar
St-Guillaume Aged Cheddar
St-Guillaume Aged Cheddar
St-Guillaume Aged Cheddar

St-Guillaume Aged Cheddar

Fromagerie St-Guillaume



M.F. : 33% Moisture : 39%

St-Guillaume Aged Cheddar is a lactose-free, firm, rindless cheese made with raw milk, while the mild St-Guillaume Cheddar is made with pasteurized milk. This cheese melts in your mouth and is slightly dryer than the mild Cheddar. It has a hazelnut flavour that becomes more pronounced with age. It is offered in the following varieties:

St-Guillaume Medium Cheddar
This cheese is ripened for 4 to 9 months. Medium Cheddar makes for an easy transition from mild to old Cheddars; it is a perfect introduction to stronger Cheddars. It can be enjoyed in a sandwich, melted on slightly grilled vegetables, or accompanied by crunchy pieces of apple. It makes for a smart snack.

St-Guillaume 1 Year Cheddar
Ripened 12 months, this strong Cheddar has a brittle, more crumbly texture than mild Cheddar and a stronger taste. It has a pronounced nutty flavour and an almond-butter aroma. While it is always a hit on cheese platters, it can also be added to a Caesar salad or served with grapes. Whether you use it in a raclette, a fondue or grated on a pizza, its rich and surprising taste will have you asking for more! 

St-Guillaume 2 Year Cheddar 
Ripened 24 months, the texture and taste of this extra-strong Cheddar resemble the strong Cheddar, but its taste is slightly sharper. It is delectable as a tasting on a cheese platter, but just as delicious in an omelette, in a raclette or in your soups. It partners very well with a Port wine or a generous red wine.

St-Guillaume Aged Cheddar is available from the cheese maker, in specialty grocery stores and cheese shop, and some supermarkets. Do not hesitate to ask your grocer.


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