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St-Guillaume Cheddar
St-Guillaume Cheddar
St-Guillaume Cheddar
St-Guillaume Cheddar
St-Guillaume Cheddar

St-Guillaume Cheddar

Fromagerie St-Guillaume



M.F. : 31% Moisture : 39%

St-Guillaume Cheddar is a firm, rindless cheese made with pasteurized milk, unlike St-Guillaume AGED CHEDDAR, which is made with raw milk. It has a smooth, supple texture, a buttery aroma and a mild and creamy hazelnut taste.

Partnership with the Breast Cancer Foundation
Committed towards the community, Fromagerie St-Guillaume donates to the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation $0.15 for every 340g Cheddar sold, packed in the colors of the cause (pink). In 2016, Fromagerie St-Guillaume has committed to donate over $50,000 to this foundation.

Mild Cheddar
The mild Cheddar is available in a cream, orangey-yellow or marbled colour. Served in cubes, wedges or slices, it is as delicious on a salad as it is melted between slices of bread. St-Guillaume Cheddar is perfect for your favourite recipes and an essential ingredient in your cooked meals.

Seasoned Cheddar
- Tomato-Basil Cheddar
- Spicy Cheddar
The seasoned Cheddar has a mild, creamy taste that is not unlike that of the mild Cheddar, and a unique flavour that depends on the spices that were added. It is offered in blocks, slices and shredded. It is perfect to give your sandwiches, burgers and other cooked meals a unique flavour. In addition, its good looks always make it a handsome addition to your cheese platter.

Le P'tit Frais Cheddar Curds
Less acidic and less salty than other fresh Cheddars on the market, La Fromagerie St-Guillaume’s Le P'tit Frais has been instrumental in building a solid reputation for the brand. Enjoyed by the whole family, it is so soft that it literally melts in your mouth! But when covered with a hot and delicious sauce, this fresh Cheddar does not melt completely; it keeps the firm texture and delicious taste that are so sought after by cheese lovers.

The cheese maker also produces natural or BBQ-flavored Curled-Style tortillons, a firm, unripened and brined cheese. At noon, at the end of a busy day, or in the evening, St-Guillaume Salted Curled-Style cheese curd can replace chips or pretzels, delicious and healthier. It is also great to enjoy with a sandwich or on the go to satisfy that little hankering.

St-Guillaume Cheddar is available from the cheese maker, in specialty grocery stores and cheese shop, and some supermarkets. Do not hesitate to ask your grocer.

Awards and distinctions

St-Guillaume Seasoned Cheddar
2006 Canadian Western Premier Exhibition Grand Champion, all classes.


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