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Fromagerie Le p'tit train du Nord



M.F. : 27% Moisture : 38%

This firm, washed-rind cheese has been made from pasteurized whole milk since 2008. The milk comes from a single herd of Holstein cows from the Ferme J.M.S. Amitiés in Ferme-Neuve, allowing the cheese to keep the milk’s superior aromatic qualities as well as the subtle flavours specific to the region. The Emmental-type cheese is ripened for 90 days in total, but during the 60 last days, it is washed with L’Envolée mead, a dry honey wine made at the Desrochers bee farm which is also located in Ferme-Neuve. This ripening gives the cheese a delicate fruity flavour with notes of mead. The interior is dotted with small, irregular holes (eyes), and its texture is smooth and rubbery, but supple.

Its name, Windigo, is inspired by an Amerindian legend. The Windigo is a moose-like monster living in the falls of Montagne du Diable Regional Park in the Hautes-Laurentides. It watches over the territory to protect it and drive away those who would destroy it.

The Windigo is available from the cheese maker, in specialty cheese shops and in some supermarkets.


Fruity and medium-bodied

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