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M.F. : 20 % Moisture : 50 %

Youpelaï!  melted spreading cheese is made with pasteurized milk. Always creamy and ready to serve, it is a trusty companion to almost any meal; spread it on your favourite bagel for breakfast, give your lunchtime pasta some extra taste or melt it on vegetables for a delicious dinner. Melt it on Brussels sprouts, broccoli or cauliflower and see how even young children will eat them! Yummy!

The cheese maker gives its cheeses humorous names with local flair. The term “Youpelaï” is a Québécois expression that denotes surprise. Its label reads “Youpelaï! Étendu de tout son long” (Youpelaï! All spread out). Youpelaï! will surprise you by its varied uses. The Choquette family has been making a whole series of cheeses since 1976, proudly displaying the identity and accents from here. The Lac-Mégantic cheese maker is the fourth generation to continue the tradition of making cheeses from here, following in the footsteps of founder Vianney Choquette.

The Youpelaï! spreading cheese is available from the cheese maker and at a variety of grocery stores in the Cantons-de-l’Est, Chaudière-Appalaches, Montérégie and Centre-du-Québec regions.


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These dry and often delicate wines are unique for their pale colour, simple fruit aromas and fresh, crisp quality that arises from their acidity.

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